7 Best Anime Stores in Atlanta, GA (2023)

Anime stores are specialized retail establishments that focus on selling merchandise related to Japanese anime, manga, and pop culture. Anime stores typically offer a wide range of products, including manga volumes, DVDs or Blu-rays of anime series and movies, action figures, collectible statues, cosplay costumes and accessories, posters, art prints, keychains, and other merchandise featuring popular characters. In this article, we’ll find out about the best anime stores in Atlanta. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore these anime stores!

#1 Anime-zing Escape

Anime-zing Escape- anime store in Atlanta
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Anime-zing Escape is a fantastic option for anime and manga enthusiasts, located in the heart of Atlanta. The shop stocks a diverse and captivating range of offerings that cater to fans of Japanese animation and pop culture.

For manga lovers, Anime-zing Escape presents an extensive collection of titles, from classic series to the latest releases. Whether you’re into shonen, shojo, seinen, or any other genre, you’re sure to find a manga that piques your interest.

For the one looking for card games, this store is worth visiting too! As the store carries a sweeping variety of anime-themed trading card games. From the ever-popular Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon to other niche card games, there are options for players of all levels.

Anime lovers can expand their collection with a vast selection of DVDs and Blu-rays. From classic anime series to the latest releases, Anime-zing Escape offers a diverse library of anime shows and movies, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments or discover new captivating stories.

Address: 507 Stanley K Tanger Blvd, Locust Grove, GA 30248, United States

Phone: +1 770-914-8282

#2 BoxLunch

BoxLunch- one of the trending anime stores in Atlanta
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BoxLunch is a popular retail chain specializing in pop culture merchandise and licensed apparel. It was founded in 2015 and quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to retail and commitment to social responsibility. BoxLunch aims to merge the world of fandom with philanthropy, making it a beloved destination for pop culture enthusiasts and socially conscious consumers.

Anime lovers will find themselves in paradise at BoxLunch, as the store offers an extensive collection of merchandise from popular anime series.

BoxLunch’s anime selection encompasses a range of merchandise categories, including clothing, accessories, collectibles, and more. You can find a diverse array of items featuring beloved characters, iconic artwork, and memorable quotes from your favorite anime shows.

From T-shirts and hoodies to keychains, posters, and even home decor items, BoxLunch strives to provide fans with a comprehensive selection of merchandise that allows them to express their love for anime.

Its anime selection goes beyond just clothing and accessories. Fans can also discover a variety of collectibles, including Funko Pop! vinyl figures, action figures, trading cards, and plush toys.

BoxLunch’s profound dedication to uplifting communities shines brightly, as their noble commitment to giving back is truly awe-inspiring. With a heartfelt gesture, for every $10 spent both in-store and online, BoxLunch extends a helping hand, providing a nourishing meal to Feeding America—a network of food banks spanning the nation.

Address: 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE #1595, Atlanta, GA 30346, United States

Phone: +1 770-351-8272

#3 Niko Niko Animation Gift Shops

Niko Niko Animation Gift Shops- one of the nicest anime stores in Atlanta
Photo by Aaron Choe on Google

Niko Animation Gift Shops is one of the finest anime shops in Atlanta. With a focus on cuteness and charm, the store offers an array of adorable plushies, that capture beloved characters from popular anime series. These soft and huggable companions bring a touch of joy and nostalgia to fans of all ages.

The store comprises adorned posters featuring compelling anime artwork. The posters add a colorful and dynamic touch to any space, allowing fans to showcase their love for their favorite anime in a visually stunning way.

From keychains featuring iconic anime characters to collectibles that evoke fond memories, the store ensures that fans can find the perfect trinkets to express their passion and adorn their belongings with a touch of anime magic.

Address: 400 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144, United States

Phone: +1 678-680-2049

#4 Pica Pica Atlanta Inc

Pica Pica Atlanta Inc- one of the best anime stores in Atlanta
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Pica Pica Atlanta Inc is undoubtedly one of the best anime stores in Atlanta. This charming establishment is a paradise for anime enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of merchandise that caters to diverse interests.

The store is renowned for its impressive selection of plushies, capturing beloved anime characters in adorable and huggable forms. Whether you’re searching for a classic character or the latest fan favorite, Pica Pica Atlanta Inc has a plushie for everyone. The quality and attention to detail make these plushies a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

In addition to plushies, Pica Pica Atlanta Inc offers a wide array of other anime merchandise. From posters featuring captivating artwork to stylish keychains that allow fans to showcase their favorite characters wherever they go, the store is a treasure trove of goodies that celebrate the world of anime.

Furthermore, Pica Pica Atlanta Inc also stocks a top-notch selection of stationery items. Whether you’re a student, or artist, or simply appreciate the art of handwritten communication, the store offers a variety of notebooks, pens, and stickers that feature beautiful anime-inspired designs.

To enhance the shopping experience, Pica Pica Atlanta Inc also offers a delectable selection of Japanese snacks. From popular candies and chocolates to savory treats and beverages, the store allows customers to indulge in authentic flavors and experience a taste of Japan.

Address: 5900 Sugarloaf Mills Cir # 501, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, United States

Phone: +1 678-847-0057

#5 Anime Remix – Alpharetta

Anime Remix - Alpharetta- anime store in Atlanta
Photo by Jy Nguyen on Google

Anime Remix specializes in Japanese counter-culture merchandise and accessories, offering a unique selection that brings the vibrant world of Japanese counter-culture genre anime to the public. Its goal is to introduce and immerse our customers in this captivating genre, providing an array of merchandise that captures its essence.

The merchandise range is diverse, featuring an extensive collection of items such as t-shirts, accessories, figurines, wall scrolls, plush toys, and Gunpla model kits. The company curates its selection quite carefully, ensuring that fans and collectors can find the perfect items to express their love for Japanese counter-culture anime.

Anime Remix also offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, thanks to its knowledgeable and friendly staff. They are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect item or providing recommendations based on your interests.

Address: 8560 Holcomb Bridge Rd Suite #105, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States

Phone: +1 470-545-2372

#6 Hot Topic

Hot Topic- anime store in Atlanta
Photo by TaRan Wilson on Google

Hot Topic, located in Atlanta, is a popular store for teenagers and fans of various fandoms. This trendy store offers a unique shopping experience that combines low prices, a diverse range of merchandise, and a focus on anime and pop culture.

Hot Topic is known for its affordability, making it an ideal shopping destination for teenagers and budget-conscious customers. The store strives to offer competitive prices, ensuring that fans can find their favorite merchandise without breaking the bank.

When it comes to anime, Hot Topic doesn’t disappoint. The store embraces the love for Japanese animation and offers a wide selection of anime-themed merchandise. From t-shirts featuring iconic characters to accessories like keychains and jewelry, anime you can find items that proudly display their favorite series.

Address: 1000 Cumberland Mall #219, Atlanta, GA 30339, United States

Phone: +1 678-305-9923

#7 Oxford Comics & Games

Oxford Comics & Games- anime store in Atlanta
Photo by Will on Google

Oxford Comics & Games is a hidden gem in Atlanta and one of the most affordable anime stores in Atlanta. This beloved store boasts an extensive collection of imported anime, making it a good option for fans seeking the latest and greatest in Japanese animation.

You’ll be delighted by the store’s diverse and carefully curated anime selection. From classic series to current releases, Oxford Comics & Games offers a wide range of DVDs, Blu-rays, and manga volumes that cater to every interest and genre.

The employees at this store are true fans themselves, and their passion for anime is evident in the way they engage with customers. They are always eager to provide recommendations, discuss favorite series, and offer insights into the latest trends in the anime world.

Address: 2855 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, United States

Phone: +1 404-233-8682


In conclusion, the best anime stores in Atlanta stand as beacons of otaku culture, inviting enthusiasts and collectors to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Japanese animation. From hidden gems to iconic establishments, each store offers a unique charm and an extensive selection of merchandise, catering to the diverse tastes and passions of the anime community.

With a plethora of manga volumes, rare collectibles, and interactive workshops, anime stores in Atlanta create a stunning experience that resonates with fans of all ages.

Whether you seek the latest anime releases or wish to rediscover beloved classics, these anime wonderlands are a must-visit place for anyone seeking to celebrate the magic of anime and embrace the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.

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