5 Best Anime Stores in Chicago, IL (2023)

Anime stores have become increasingly popular in recent years, as the popularity of anime has grown worldwide. With the rise of streaming services, anime has become more accessible than ever before, leading to a surge in demand for anime merchandise. In this article, we will explore the best anime stores in Chicago. Let’s dive right in, wasting no more precious moments!

#1 Kinokuniya Chicago

Kinokuniya Chicago
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Kinokuniya is the predominant anime store in Chicago. Situated in downtown Chicago, this renowned anime store offers an unparalleled selection of manga volumes, art books, and collectibles. The store’s ample and attractive layout creates a comfortable browsing experience for customers.

The staff members are always on hand to assist customers in finding their desired titles or discovering new series to explore. Whether you’re seeking the latest releases or rare and hard-to-find titles, Kinokuniya is a worth-visiting destination for any anime lover in search of a comprehensive and fulfilling shopping experience.

Kinokuniya has a rich and fascinating history that spans over 90 years. The company was founded in 1927 in Tokyo, Japan, by Moichi Tanabe. In 1981, Kinokuniya expanded its presence internationally by opening its first overseas store in San Francisco, California, marking the beginning of its global expansion.

Address: 100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, United States

Phone: +1 847-427-2665

#2 Nakama Toys

Nakama Toys, a charming mom-and-pop store nestled in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, has been a cherished gem for anime enthusiasts since its establishment in July 2014. However, the store’s origins can be traced back even further, as their original blog was launched in 2011 to share their passion for beloved toys.

The name “Nakama” was chosen deliberately, as it signifies friendship in Japanese, a theme that resonates deeply within the store’s philosophy. With Bryan’s extensive video game and anime collection expertise, alongside Mary’s boundless enthusiasm for anime and sci-fi, Nakama Toys offers a personalized and welcoming experience to each and every customer.

At Nakama Toys, the focus has always been on Japanese collectibles, primarily chosen for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re seeking the latest releases or rare and limited-edition items, Nakama Toys strives to fulfill the desires of every collector and fan. With a genuine passion for their craft and an unwavering dedication to their customers, Nakama Toys has undoubtedly earned its place among the top anime stores in Chicago.

Address: 2504 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Phone: +1 773-394-3148

#3 Rotofugi

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Rotofugi, a prominent designer toy store, and gallery, has been a cornerstone of the Chicago toy scene since its establishment in July 2004. Situated in a stunning vintage building on the border of Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods, Rotofugi has gained a global reputation as a premier destination for designer toys from artists around the world.

In addition to its retail offerings, Rotofugi is also home to the Rotofugi Gallery, a space dedicated to monthly art exhibits featuring a wide range of talented artists, both local and nationally known. This unique combination of a designer toy store and art gallery creates a memorable experience for visitors, allowing them to explore and appreciate the intersection of toy design and contemporary art.

The store’s diverse selection includes vinyl figures, blind box and capsule toys, pop culture collectibles, and more, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of designers across the globe. While Rotofugi’s anime selection may not be as expansive as specialized anime stores, its carefully curated offerings provide a unique and artistic perspective on the world of anime merchandise.

Address: 2780 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Phone: +1 773-868-3308

#4 Graham Crackers Comics Loop

Graham Crackers Comics Loop
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Graham Crackers Comics Loop Anime Store, a branch of the Graham Crackers Comics chain, has been a trusted source of affordable collectibles for anime and comic book fans since its inception in 1982. With 12 locations across the US, including their Loop store in Chicago, Graham Crackers Comics has become the largest comic store chain in the country.

When it comes to anime-related merchandise, Graham Crackers Comics Loop Anime Store offers an extensive range of products, including figures, collectibles, and other related items. Their commitment to affordability means that customers can find reasonably priced options without sacrificing quality or selection.

Apart from in-store shopping, the company provides a convenient online shopping option. Moreover, with their large inventory, featuring over 200,000 different items available online, and the additional offerings in their physical storefronts, Graham Crackers Comics provides a vast array of choices to pick from.

Address: 77 E Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Phone: +1 312-629-1810

#5 G-Mart Comics 

G-Mart Comics
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G-Mart Comics is one of the oldest manga stores in Chicago that specializes in comics, as stated by its name. All of its manga are sourced from reputable publishers and distributors, ensuring that you receive authentic, well-crafted volumes.

The company firmly believes that quality and affordability should go hand in hand. It sources our comics from trusted publishers and distributors to ensure that each title meets our rigorous standards. Despite offering highly reasonable prices, they never compromise on the quality of our products.

Address: 2641 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Phone: +1 773-384-0400


  • What kind of products can I find in anime stores in Chicago?

Anime stores in Chicago noted on this page offer a diverse range of products for anime enthusiasts. You can find manga (Japanese comics), anime DVDs and Blu-rays, action figures, plush toys, keychains, posters, apparel, cosplay accessories, and other collectibles related to beloved anime series.

  • Can I find merchandise from specific anime series or characters in these stores?

Yes, you can find merchandise from specific anime series or characters in these stores. They typically stock items featuring popular series such as Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and many others. You may find merchandise ranging from posters and keychains to clothing and collectible figures.

  • Do anime stores in Chicago offer online shopping and shipping services?

Some anime stores in Chicago offer online shopping options through their websites, allowing you to browse and purchase merchandise remotely. Additionally, many stores provide shipping services, so you can have your items delivered to your preferred location. Check the individual store’s website or contact them directly for more information on their online shopping and shipping policies.


Anime stores serve as treasure troves for anime enthusiasts, offering an extensive selection of merchandise. From popular series merchandise, such as action figures, posters, and clothing, to niche items like limited edition collectibles and cosplay accessories, these stores provide a treasure trove of goodies for every fan. The availability of such merchandise allows fans to express their love for their favorite series or characters, fostering a sense of belonging within the anime community.

In recent years, the global popularity of anime has surged, and anime stores have emerged as key players in catering to this growing demand. With the rise of online shopping, many anime stores have established their digital presence, enabling fans worldwide to access their favorite merchandise and products regardless of their geographical location. This accessibility has further strengthened the bond between anime fans and the stores that cater to their needs.

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